Some (Polar Opposite) Ideas for New Year's

You could be there for Lindsay's next embarrassment!

So you've opened the presents and done all your dreaming about sugar plums, which is probably what the kids are calling some kind of messed up pill these days. Now your brain moves on to the next challenge: how to spend New Year's Eve. 

South Florida during New Year's is always a celebrity gossip-monger's dream, and you could spend $200 a head -- that's just for general admission, baby -- catching Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson at Mansion, John Legend at Prive, or Diddy, Adam Levine, and T.I. (with Chloe Sevigny?!), who will all be kickin' it around town as well. See Cool Junkie's list of places to spot celebrities.

Or you could check out something a little more, uh, downscale. Um, if you're an undercover FBI agent stop reading right here, ok?

Everglades Earth First! is hosting the Everglades Uprising, a campout/retreat promoting "One Everglades bioregion, united in exposing and attacking the Energy Empire and the Dictatorship of Developers in South Florida." Learn how to fight development, oil drilling, and climate change through road blockades, tree climbs, and street theater. Just bring camping gear, food for the community kitchen, and some gator repellent!

-- By Deirdra Funcheon

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