Sooey! Ellyn Bogdanoff Wallows In the Muck

State Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff, who was skewered by Cal Deal below, is going over the top in her defense of Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

As the Sun-Sentinel's Anthony Man reports today, Bogdanoff, a Republican hack, expressed "shock" over Barack Obama's "lipstick on a pig" comment -- which was not directed at Palin but at her running mate John McCain's policies.

Her statement, which comes straight from the slime machine:

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Regardless of Senator Obama's intentions, his comments were sloppy, inappropriate and indicative of someone running scared. His campaign has been unable to combat the excitement and enthusiasm generated by Governor Palin's nomination, and his only response thus far has been personal attacks. This seems to be a pattern with Senator Obama. He has trouble admitting when he has made a mistake; he did it with the surge in Iraq, as well. I would ask that Senator Obama apologize and move on. This campaign should be about ideas and America's future, not personal attacks. The citizens of this country should expect more out of a presidential candidate.

Yeewww. I hope for the sake of Bogdanoff's staff (who work in close proximity to her) that she showered off after writing that thing. And on September 11, too.

Deal couldn't help but to email Bogdanoff directly regarding her fake outrage. Here's his reply to her, in its entirety:

To: "Ellyn Bogdanoff" Subject: Lipstick From: "Cal Deal" Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2008 16:58:31 -0400 Ellyn,

What bullshit. Are you having fun down there in the slime?


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