Source: 'Whistleblower' Took BSO Steroids Case To State Attorney

The Broward Sheriff's Office steroids case had been sitting in the agency without action for months before a sergeant took it to the State Attorney's Office, according to a source.

The details are sketchy but apparently a sergeant who was about to be transferred took the case to the State Attorney's Office. Prosecutors then went to internal affairs which restarted the investigation.

Without confirmation, I'm not naming the sergeant, but the basic facts betray an agency that is incredibly lax about steroids. There's a lot of speculation that the 15 deputies and civilian employee will slide like the BSO deputies connected to PowerMedica in 2005. Why? Because they get prescriptions for the steroids from doctors.

Damn, why didn't A-Rod think of that?

Of course he did, the difference is that Major League Baseball has a policy forbidding steroids whether you have script or not.

This has great potential to turn BSO into a joke.

(Next investigation: Who the fuck are these doctors?)


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