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South Carolina, Iowa GOP Chairs Lash Out at Florida Over Primary Date

Two Republican officials blasted Florida today for refusing to move its primary date, which is set for January 31, in violation of the rules of both Republican and Democratic parties. It's some of the toughest talk we've seen so far in the fight over Florida's 2012 primary date, but Florida Republicans seem unfazed.

South Carolina GOP Chairwoman Karen Floyd has sent a scathing letter to the Republican National Committee in which she said that Florida has been "thumbing its nose" at the committee's rules, according to Politico. She urged the committee to yank its 2012 convention out of Florida, which is set for August in Tampa. 

"Simply put, if Florida does not respect the process by which our calendar was set, the RNC should not be bound to the process by which the convention site was selected."     

Iowa GOP Chairman Matt Strawn backed Floyd up, issuing a similar statement.

"The contempt that Florida legislators hold not only for the RNC 2012 rules but also for RNC members who approved these rules is astonishing," Strawn said. "To reward this arrogance with our national convention is a great disservice to the Republican activists, donors, and elected officials nationwide who support the RNC."

RNC rules require Florida to move its primary date back to March. Senate President Mike Haridopolos has insisted that Florida's goal is to be number five on the primary calendar, which would keep it from interfering with early voting states such as Iowa and South Carolina.

But just like back in February, when the RNC chairman urged Florida to comply with committee rules, our state legislators don't seem eager to comply.

House Speaker Dean Cannon told Politico, "I look forward to meeting Chairman Floyd and Chairman Strawn in Tampa next summer."

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