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South Florida Bloggers Pick Their Favorite Posts of 2012

As a way of wrapping up 2012, we reached out to the bloggers working the turf in Broward and Palm Beach for their favorite posts from the calendar year.

Here is the first installment of what we received. Below you'll find a few lines from the writers themselves about why the posts worked well, a first taste from the piece, and a link to the rest of the original post. The grab bag covers the gamut, from thoughtful analysis to classic flame-throwing. Stay tuned for more.

David Oscar Markus, Southern District of Florida Blog: Judge Adalberto Jordan confirmation stalled (briefly) and Sen. Patrick Leahy quotes this blog regarding Judge Jordan, published February 13 and 14.

"Generally, the blog was at its best when it was able to quickly inform the legal community about magistrate and district judge appointments -- long before the mainstream media was able to do so. One of the most influential posts of the year had to be the post that Senator Leahy quoted discussing the tactics by Republicans that were being used to stall President Obama's judicial appointments, which in this case happened to be Judge Adalberto Jordan, who had bipartisan support. He ended up getting confirmed to the 11th Circuit after Leahy's speech."

So, here's the absurdity of our judicial confirmation process -- the full Senate voted 89-5 to invoke cloture, meaning that Judge Jordan's nomination to the 11th Circuit would finally come to a vote. But then Senator Nelson said that one Senator is holding up the merits vote by demanding 30 more hours of "debate" post-cloture . . .

Buddy Nevins, Broward Beat: Florida Bar Suspends School Board Candidate, published April 5

Nevins: "Despite declining voter turnout, more people still participate in an election than attend a Dolphin or Marlins game. Yet more effort is made by major media outlets to explore the background of football and baseball players than to examine the background of candidates. helped fill in this gap in the 2012 campaigns."

A Broward School Board candidate was suspended from the practice of law last year for charging an excessive fee and not doing any work.

Nick Steffens' client filed a complaint with the Florida Bar. When Bar investigators asked Steffens about the case, he ignored their questions, according to a consent agreement he signed...

Chaz Stevens, My Acts of Sedition: What to Get Allen for the Holidays..., published December 18

Stevens: "It's not often in life you can email the Broward State Attorney's Office, discussing corrupt local officials and strap-ons in the same paragraph."

To: Timothy Donnelly Broward State Attorney's Office

via email

Hey Mr. Donnelly;

With the Festivus Holiday fast approaching (December 23) and the number of shopping days dwindling, I'm wonder if you'd be wiling to lend a helping hand.

You see, my original plan was to buy City Manager jon allenfrat bastard a prize belt (model: La Strap On, Low Rise) to show my appreciation for all he's done to the residents of Lauderdale Lakes...

Kyle Swenson
Contact: Kyle Swenson