South Florida Gadflies Learning to Swarm

Riviera Beach's most persistent activist, Fane Lozman, has joined with newspaper publisher John Beatty in filing for a recall effort against the city's five council members. The recall is a typical tool for gadflies, but what makes this one ominous is that it's attracted participation from gadflies with no stake in Riviera Beach politics.

Specifically, Deerfield Beach activist -- and recently declared commission candidate -- Chaz Stevens has joined the recall effort team. He is designing the group's blog, which will be located at RecallRivieraBeach.com.

This comes in addition to Stevens' having teamed with activists who oppose Hallandale Beach Mayor Joy Cooper.

It may not be long, then, before gadflies in West Palm Beach, Hollywood, Lake Worth and Cooper City decide they want the strength that comes in numbers, not to mention the value of other gadflies' experience in making life miserable for certain public officials.

From Stevens' blog, My Acts of Sedition:

It's no secret that the folks at MAOS (aka me) are HUGE FANS of civic activist (and general irritant to the politician) Fane Lozman. I like the guy's style -- outrageous, no holds barred, take no prisoner, damn the devil at any cost. That is so right in my wheelhouse. 

Go Fane! Go Fane! Go Fane!

Here's a link to that post, but if you're a Stevens enemy, be careful clicking through. He may have rigged your IP address to bounce from his website to something highly pornographic.

Lozman, of course, lived on a houseboat in the city's marina, until the city took action to remove him based on what he alleged was retaliation for his frequent public criticism of the city council.

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Thomas Francis