South Florida Gay Musicians to Be Part of Lesbian and Gay Band Association During Obama Inauguration Parade

Back in 2009, during Barack Obama's first inauguration, the Lesbian and Gay Band Association became the first LGBT musical organization to participate in a presidential inaugural parade.

Members of the South Florida Pride Wind Ensemble participated in the 2009 parade and will be doing so again this time around.

Of the more than 2,800 organizations that applied to be a part of the 2013 festivities, the LGBA was chosen for a return engagement.

The 57th Inaugural Parade will be broadcast nationally and internationally on January 21 following the swearing-in ceremony for President Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden.

Adam DeRosa, who also serves as president of LGBA, told the South Florida Gay News that he is both excited and humbled to head back to D.C.

"Since LGBA participated in 2009, I thought our chances of being invited in 2013 were pretty slim," he says. "We submitted a very compelling application, including letters of support from over 30 politicians from across the country, including Reps. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Alcee Hastings."

The LGBA are expecting a larger band for the 2013 inaugural parade than 2009 drew. Musicians and participants from nearly every member band from around the country are expected to converge on Washington, D.C.

"I am excited to march with a whole new group of people in 2013," said DeRosa, who hails from Fort Lauderdale. "That is really the great thing about any LGBA band event: No two are ever identical. In fact, I will be marching with folks who were still in high school in 2009!

"The thing I remember most was marching past all the military personnel and appreciating that the LGBA was marching 'openly' and that this would soon change for our family in the military. President Obama kept many of his campaign promises relating to the gay community, and for that, I am grateful," said DeRosa.

Visit PrideWindEnsemble.org and LGBA.org to learn more about the South Florida Pride Marching Band and the Lesbian and Gay Band Association.

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