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South Florida Is a Finalist to Host Super Bowl 50

Because the weather is awesome and because of beaches and because we do, in fact, rock, South Florida has hosted a record ten Super Bowls.

And now SoFla is among the finalists to host what will be a milestone 50th Super Bowl.

Although the NFL may want to stop it already with the using of Roman numerals. Because, otherwise, Super Bowl 50 will be Super Bowl L.

But who better to host Super Bowl EL than South Florida? 

The odds are a bit stacked against South Florida from hosting Super Bowl L, mainly because the other finalist -- San Francisco -- is currently building a state-of-the-art, $1.2 billon stadium. Meanwhile, there are no plans to further renovate Sun Life Stadium. which remains a cavern with Britto paintings and a statue of Dan Marino that keeps moving from one spot to another.

Just two years ago, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell singled out Sun Life Stadium, saying the place needs to be fixed up a little if it wants to be seriously considered for future Super Bowl games.

The Miami Dolphins tried to get themselves hotel tax revenue to help pay for the more than $200 million in renovation costs but were shut down with extreme prejudice.

The team's continued quest for public funding to fix up the stadium was presented to Broward County commissioners, who called the attempt "vile" and "shameful."

Since then, the ownership hasn't given a single crap about fixing the place up outside of expanding a few areas in 2007.

But all this doesn't stop some folks from being enthusiastic about the idea.

"This is fantastic news for South Florida," said Rodney Barreto, chairman of the South Florida Super Bowl Host Committee. "I'm interested in any Super Bowl. But the most important one, in my opinion, is 2016 with the 50th anniversary. It needs to be in South Florida; it needs to be home.

"We feel that our deep history of hosting Super Bowls will prevail."

The economic impact is, of course, the most important thing at stake here. When Sun Life hosted the Super Bowl in 2010, South Florida raked in an estimated $333 million, according to the West Palm Beach-based Sport Management Research Institute.

Since the NFL loves to make big giant extravaganzas about pretty much everything (seriously, watch the pregame songs they play for Thursday-night games), you can be sure Super Bowl EL will be one giant pants party with pyrotechnics and midget tossing and boobies. So if South Florida wants to be the host for that, it's going to have to bring the hard sell to pry it from San Fran.

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