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South Florida Lags Woefully Behind in Spring Break Dangers

In a recent survey of the most dangerous spring break destinations in the country, Fort Lauderdale -- birthplace of the modern spring break -- didn't even crack the top ten. West Palm Beach ranked fifth and Miami was tenth.

The survey, conducted by the website lawyer website, looked at crime and accident statistics as well as doctor and lawyer rankings in America's most popular spring break destinations.

Number one on the list is:

Orlando, which is also the most popular spring break spot, according to the Daily Mail. Fort Lauderdale, the fifth most popular destination, is apparently the 13th most dangerous place (thanks in part to wonderful safety tips like these), just behind Galveston, Texas, and only a few spots in front of Park City, Utah.

Of course Fort Lauderdale is the setting for Where the Boys Are, the movie that kicked off the Spring Break-craze of the 1960s. (There's a scene where the police chief tells his officers to do anything possible not to arrest the spring break guests). This is also where the wet t-shirt contest was invented and where college students still come to bathe in the sun, have sex with strangers, and occasionally feed homeless guys cups of piss.

So to learn that young people can get their fill of decadence-related dangers in so many other places these days should bring shame to the Fort Liquordale forefathers who fought drank so hard to make this town the debauched party mecca it once was. 

This is the entire list:

1. Orlando, FL
2. Daytona Beach, FL

3. Las Vegas, NV
4. Myrtle Beach, SC
5. West Palm Beach, FL

6. South Padre Island, TX
7. New Orleans, LA

8. Panama City, FL

9. Jacksonville, FL

10. Miami, FL

11. Fort Myers, FL

12. Galveston, TX

13. Fort Lauderdale, FL

14. Lake Havasu City, AZ

15. Key West, FL

16. Kihei/Maui, HI

17. Lafayette, LA

18. Naples, FL

19. Virginia Beach, VA

20. Park City, UT

21. Steamboat Springs, CO

22. San Diego, CA

23. Reno, NV

24. Santa Barbara, CA

25. Honolulu, HI

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