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South Florida Law Firm Takes Grief for Repping the Bad Guys

The blog Eye on Miami has this post today about the work Miami-based law firm Greenberg Traurig did for R. Allen Stanford. The blog asks: "why is it always Greenberg Traurig?"

The implication there is that Greenberg Traurig, which has an office in Fort Lauderdale with 50 attorneys, isn't exactly wearing the white hat, as lawyers like to say.

Well, Eye on Miami might have a point. Among the things we've written about Greenberg Traurig over the years:

* The firm has represented the much maligned and often corrupt North Broward Hospital District.

* Infamous political bad guy Jack Abramoff joined Greenberg Traurig in 2001, bringing to the firm his $8 million in annual lobbying work.

* Greenberg Traurig has lobbied for the Broward Sheriff's Office in its 11-year fight to ignore a $30 million court judgment that would pay the family of a kid severely injured in a car crash with a deputy.

There's lot's more. Check out Wikipedia's long entry for controversies associated with Greenberg Traurig.

Looking for a comment from Greenberg Traurig, I called Lourdes Brezo-Martinez, the firm's director of communications. I asked her about the fact that some people might conclude, as Eye on Miami did, that the firm represents a lot of bad people. She said she'd get back to me with a response.

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