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-- CBS-Channel 4 reporter Brian Andrews is leaving South Florida for more southern climes to become a freelancer. He's started a website about his ballsy move to Colombia that includes a blog and a plea to buy his house in Miami Shores.

Dan Ricker's Watchdog Report quotes an email from the intrepid reporter:

I'll be leaving CBS on 11/28 and flying to Caracas on 12/1 to cover the 12/2 referendum. My first clients will be the Miami Herald, CBS Radio, WIOD Radio, and possibly CBS News. Then, its back home to Miami to pack up my life and move to Colombia on 12/10.

In a way, I am doing what you are doing... being my own boss and pursuing stories that really interest me. I am scared and am worried about making ends meet, but I am trusting God I will be OK. I want to live in Bogotá, Lima , and Buena’s Aires. I am planning to be in a new city every few months.

-- Speaking of reporters taking off for Colombia, the Pulp belatedly welcomes Kirk Semple back to Miami, where he will head the New York Times bureau. Semple, a former Miami New Timeser, trekked to Colombia around the turn of the century and did some great freelancing work there that landed him a spot on the Times. Having just returned from Iraq, he should be well-prepped for his new assignment.

-- Word coming from the Daily Business Review is that former Palm Beach Post investigative reporter John Pacenti has been hired as that newspaper's federal courts writer. Congratulations to John.

-- Pacenti fills the spot left by Julie Kay, who is now with the National Law Journal. Here's her brand new piece about courthouse blogs with an emphasis on JAABlog. I'm posting it despite the fact that Kay's scintillating interview with the Pulp didn't make the cut. Then again, none of my quotes were as good as this one from Fort Lauderdale lawyer Russell Adler, who compared being exposed on a blog to being, well, let him tell you:

"It's like being shot by a sniper — you don't know where the shot is coming from and you don't know what the motivation is."

Ultra-violent imagery aside, I suppose that can be true when it comes to anonymous comments, but on JAABlog and other good blogs, there is often greater transparency than what you get from the dailies.

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