South Florida Nudists Set World Skinny-Dip Record at Haulover Beach

Well, folks, they did it. They brought back home the title for Uncle Sam.

This weekend, if you happened to stroll by Haulover Beach, you probably caught sight of a giant pasty mob of gravity-racked flesh bobbing on the tide. South Florida Free Beaches -- the local group advocating for more clothing-optional public spaces -- tried to break the Guinness World Record for the most skinny-dippers at one location. It was the third time the group has tried for the goal.

And they were up against some serious numbers. The current record was hit just last July, when the Vera Playa Friends of Vera Playa, Almeria, Spain, corralled 729 free spirits into the water all at once.

Before that, the world's largest skinny-dip record was held by New Zealand -- on December 30, 2012, 506 people dipped.

But on Sunday, 805 nudists mobilized at Haulover, possibly setting the record, according to the Miami Herald. Right now, organizers are in the process of submitting the results to Guinness, so nothing is exactly official just yet.

You might be wondering: Didn't they already try for this? Actually, as we told you back in July during Nude Recreation Week, nudists around the world were also trying to get some ink in Guinness with another record: the largest number of people simultaneously skinny-dipping around the world at one time. Then, organizers were hoping to get more than 14,100 people to dip in the nude at locations across the world, including South Florida.

If you're not the kind of person who would bare it all in public, you're probably asking yourself: WTF? Well, there are some indications that nudism is actually gaining popularity. A study put together by the American Association for Nude Recreation last September shows that the number of people going to clothing-optional resorts has doubled since 2010.

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