South Florida Sports Scene Tests Positive for Drugs, Sex, and Rocky Top

It was the weekend of positives, including a positive story about a plane crash. The most stimulating revelation came from a Sports Illustrated report that longtime Miami resident Alex Rodriguez tested positive for two different banned steroids during his 2003 MVP season with the Texas Rangers. A-Rod remains silent on the issue.

A few other positive tests after the jump.

The Heat tested positive for another solid win in what's shaping up to be a quietly successful season. More good news for Dwyane Wade, who's future ex-wife now says he didn't cause her to test positive for an STD.

Tennessee football coach Lane Kiffin tested positive for really, really not being able to stop saying things he has to apologize for regarding the recruitment of Pahokee's Nu'Keese Richardson.

And Jose Canseco tested positive for trace amounts of credibility. He told the Herald A-Rod's juice use is "old news."


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