South Pacific: Sun-Sentinel's Customer Center Moves

You may know that if you have a problem with your Sun-Sentinel and call the "newspaper" about it, you will talk to a guy or girl with a strange accent sitting thousands of miles away in Manila, Philippines.

Well, that's not going to happen anymore.

According to a Sentinel memo that came across the Pulp's transom, Sentinel's parent, Tribune Co., is leaving the company in Manila. Have they finally decided to do it from home? Not exactly. Now they will be working with a call center in... Baguio City, Philippines.

Read the memo after the jump.


From: SS Administration
Sent: Tue 7/28/2009 2:01 PM
To: zzSSC.1Exchange.Users; zzWSFL.Group
Subject: New customer service call center starts this week 

As most employees are aware, the customer service call centers for all Tribune properties are outsourced via a company called APAC, located in Manila, Philippines. Starting this week, we are transitioning to a different outsource company called Sitel, located in Baguio, Philippines

Sitel is expected to bring a higher level of quality and professionalism to our customers. However, as with any other transition initiative, issues will arise and quick resolution is critical.

If you are contacted by customers who have feedback about our customer service call center, please ask them to contact the Consumer Service department at [email protected] or to leave a voicemail on our feedback line at 954-425-1555.

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