Spider Bites Crist

The Palm Beach Post's S.V. Date, who is in Israel with Charlie Crist, reports that the governor suffered a nasty spider bite in Marathon 11 days ago. These brown recluses are nothing to play with. They're tiny little things, the picture there shows one in relation to a quarter, but they pack a punch. Though a nurse apparently shared her belief with Crist that he would die, it sounds like he's doing okay, minus a "divot" in his leg where a doctor cut around the bite. This picture here shows you about what the gov might have had to have dealt with.

After the Jump: Notter, Gilken, and Chili Sauce

-- The Broward School Board is done with the smoke and mirrors and is going to hire Jim Notter as superintendent soon. I knew the guy was bad news even before Hannah Sampson and Nirvi Shah reported that he drives a Corvette.

-- The Palm Beach Post's Rochelle E.B. Gilken captures the fear, drama, and loss of a day on the beach gone wrong in deadly fashion. Anybody caught in a riptide knows what Sagaro went through -- and knows they're lucky not to have ended up like Squicimari. This is a beautiful job by Gilken, both in the reporting and the telling.

-- There was a shooting, reported by the Miami Herald's Erica Beras, over chili sauce at Wendy's. Hey, this is what happens when a huge fast food chain decides to get stingy with its condiments (even though the guy that got shot apparently slipped a bunch of packets into the shooter's bag before the gun was pulled).

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