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Spirit Airlines Campaign: "We're Not Smoking Crack"

Spirit Airlines, based right here in Miramar, is definitely known for its infuriating nickel-and-diming borderline tasteless marketing gimmicks.

In 2008, a slogan was "Return of the MILF (Many Islands, Low Fares)"; in 2010, "Check out the oil on our beaches" -- meaning suntan oil -- after the BP oil spill.

In September, National Public Radio got behind the scenes and went into Spirit's marketing department, where employees were kicking around ideas. Spirit Airlines President Ben Baldanza responded to criticism by saying: "Our consumer feedback has been positive, and the only thing we think is obscene is the fares that most of our competitors charge," he said.

This week, Spirit blasted out a new campaign slogan that said "We're not smoking crack" -- perhaps a reference to the crazy antics of Toronto mayor Rob Ford.

Here's the ad:

To which some savvy media consumers (i.e., my Facebook friends) said

"Just fly the damn plane, Spirit"


"If Spirit really wants to shock us, they should try being on time."

Regardless, the Wall Street Journal called Spirit "pound for pound, the most profitable airline in the U.S."

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