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Spirit Airlines: Run by Red Sox Fans?

The Miramar-based airline notorious for an ad that shows a post-coital cuddling session between a young man and a cougarish lady that advertises an innuendo-thick "three way" deal to its customers and treats its flight attendants as billboard space has -- if you can believe this -- stumbled into another crop of bad publicity.

A couple of South Florida tweens spent their bar mitzvah loot on tickets to opening day at the new Yankees Stadium and say that after a series of delays, Spirit Airlines staff let other passengers take the boys' seats on the plane, causing them to miss the game.

One of the boys, 13-year-old Jesse Vogel, who admitted to shedding tears over the ordeal, gave this sad quote to the New York Post:

"I really wanted to go to the game because there probably isn't going to be another new Yankee Stadium while I am alive."
Ladies and gentleman, a big Bronx cheer for Spirit Airlines!

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Thomas Francis