Can He Win?

Spontaneous Predictions

I was just on Barry Epstein's 10 a.m. radio show on 1470-AM and, after we discussed the Crist coverage, Epstein asked Palm Beach County political consultant Andre Fladell and I who we thought were going to win the major races (Palm Beach Post gossip columnist Jose Lambiet is also a regular on the show, but he doesn't stick around for the political stuff). I was caught a little off-guard because I really don't get into the horse race side of things all that much, but I said that I thought Davis was rising, Crist was ebbing, and that the Democrat was going to nip the Republican on Tuesday. Both Fladell and Epstein went Crist. Then I said that I thought that, in the closest race in Florida, Shaw was going to escape Klein, and that Mahoney was going to beat Negron (solely because of the Foley name).

Epstein and Fladell, both hearty Democrats, went with Klein and Mahoney, if I remember correctly. And I've got to say, Klein's people (or perhaps it's the Democratic Party's people) are working it hard. I've been called and door-knocked by Klein people already. I think it's going to come down to hundreds, not thousands, of votes, a redux of Shaw's battle with Elaine Bloom.

Here's audio of the show.

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