Spooked on the Palmetto

Well damn. Rick over at Stuck on the Palmetto took a minor ball-busting of mine a too seriously and quit blogging. (He also accused Critical Miami of "piling on"). I think Carlos Miller's comment, the brunt of which is reproduced below, on Rick's (final?) post sums up my reaction:

But really, if you would not have made such a huge issue about Bob Norman's words, then his comments would have disappeared and would have been forgotten by most people.

But now it all becomes very clear to me. No wonder you were so pro-cop.

My advice to you, Rick, is to just go with it and continue blogging as if nothing had happened.

Carlos Miller

This might be confusing to many of you, but it's one of those things that the more that's said, the more (undue) damage is done. So here's my final word on the matter: I am not going to out Rick, never did want to out Rick, and I want to see SotP running again. The sad truth is that it's the first blog I pop on when I do my rolling.

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