Spread the Mayo

Where would the Sun-Sentinel be without Mike Mayo? Today he finally gives the newspaper a whiff of credibility with his column about Ken Jenne's hiring of John Hanlon. Before, he was nailing the Hard Rock for stiffing the guy who won the $260,000 jackpot when the regular staff seemed suspiciously absent on the story. More and more, he's becoming the conscience of that increasingly over-corporatized, Help Team-dominated newspaper.

-- Also worth checking out in today's Sentinel is the piece on the Broward County School Board's bungling in regards to school construction. Well-reported by Buddy Nevins (my God, I got a glimpse of the old Buddy in this piece, the guy who

used to dig into things and actually give a damn) and Jean Paul-Renaud, it focuses on the purchase of $4.3 million worth of swampland from the Town of Southwest Ranches that turned out to be unusable for a school. And it revealed the name of the broker: Ira Cor. What it didn't mention is that Cor got the job with the help of Richard Rubin, the husband of County Commissioner Diana Wasserman-Rubin, and that the entire city is a scam. But then again, without a real state attorney, what's the point?

-- So Jim Naugle has endorsed Charlie Crist. We all know it's a joke and that Naugle is a Democrat in name only who has deviously enjoyed the media play he's gotten from endorsements of the Bush brothers and every other Republican that's come down the pike. Somebody ought to let Anthony Man in on the joke. He played it way too straight in his story on the endorsement. Sure he spent the bottom of the article explaining that Naugle has endorsed a lot of Republicans, but he should have led with the obvious fact that it's a sham instead of giving time to Naugle's B.S. quote.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.