Stacy Ritter to Run for Congress Against Allen West?

Stacy Ritter to Run for Congress Against Allen West?

Facebook posting from Democratic guy Steve Beste from yesterday sent in by an astute reader.

Ritter has made grumblings about running for Congress in the past, perhaps in part because her lobbyist/hubby, Russ Klenet, shifted his business to D.C. Of course, she also expected a position in the Obama administration at one point. 

Ritter clearly isn't enjoying the commission much these days. Inside, see her Twitter posting during Tuesday's commission meeting and hear about her latest little fit.

The tweet:

I can see how this would bother her considering that she makes only $92,000 a year to have to attend the meetings (or not, considering Ilene Lieberman). Mostly when she talks lately, she's in whiner mode. For instance, during Tuesday's meeting, her only lengthy time speaking on the dais was when she said she would refuse to rank county attorney candidates because she believed it ran contrary to the ethics laws. Don't get it wrong, though -- she wasn't trying to be ethical; she was trying to be difficult and take a jab at those ethics laws, which she clearly hates with a passion after she failed to kill them before they were born. Ritter's  argument was that s

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