Star Trek Mansion in Boca Raton Is On the Market for $35 Million

So, there's a Star Trek themed mansion in Boca Raton that just hit the market.

The 27,000 square foot home boasts eight bedrooms, a 1,500-bottle wine cellar, a gym, and a gorgeous pool and patio.

But what sets this thing apart are the multiple sci-fi Star Trekie rooms, Enterprise bridge movie theater, and over 60 arcade games.

The Star Trek theme was put together in the span of a decade by former owner Marc Bell, a giant-Trek fan who produced Jersey Boys on Broadway and made millions running FriendFinder, a web site where nerds can meet other nerds and fall in love.

Now he's put his Trek house, located on 3682 Princeton Place in Boca Raton, on the market for a cool $35 million.

Ready to check out the pics? Well load up that inhaler and set your phasers to AWWEEESOME.... Here we go:

Looks like your everyday mild mannered Boca Raton mansion on the outside.

There's even a gym inside.

And a nice living room.


/Star Trek Next Generation theme song begins.....

Warp speed.... me a some popcorn so I can watch Star Wars! MAKE IT SO.

Have a beer at the house bar! RESISTANCE IS FUTIIILLEE!

Life-size robot from Lost In Space? Life-size robot from Lost In Space

A sci-nerd themed video game room, complete with billiards, food-ball and air hockey and...

... Star Wars pin ball machines and old school arcade games and ....

full-size outdoor basketball court and... yea, whoever buys this nerd house ain't using this one. But it's nice!

And there's this room, for the person in the family who thinks playing outer space is ridiculous.

There's also this gorgeous kitchen when your favorite nerd wants to take a break from fighting Klingons and have some delicious cake.

And this dining place where you can re-enact that scene when Han Solo shoots lasers at Darth Vader and Darth Vader stops the lasers with his hand! PEW-PEW!

And then there's the pool where you can..... actually, this pool is the shit. Seriously.

We'd like a room like this so we can slide around on the floor with our socks

And then there's the patio for you to take in some shade from the sun and imbibe of your Romulan ale!

Click here for more photos, and for info on buying this sic-fi love nest.

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