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State Attorney's Office Drops Investigation of Former Hollywood Manager Cameron Benson

Chalk one up for former Hollywood City Manager Cameron Benson and zero so far for the anonymous citizen who accused him of corruption in two letters sent to city commissioners this spring.

The letters accused Benson of accepting a bribe from WastePro, which went on to win the city's waste-hauling contracts, in the form of gift cards. They alleged that Benson then had a city employee, Wade Sanders, buy furniture with the gift cards and personally transport it to Benson's vacation home in Nova Scotia. Sanders is now the city's assistant director of public works.

Mayor Peter Bober acknowledged on May 6 that he had asked FDLE and the FBI to launch a corruption investigation based on the claims.

Now the Broward State Attorney's Office says that its own investigation has come up empty, clearing Benson's name. Surprisingly, though, this news story doesn't mention the furniture-hauling, which it seemed was going to be the crux of the investigation. Instead, the SAO says only that an investigation found no wrongdoing by Benson related to the purchase of a generator for his father after Hurricane Wilma.

State Attorney's spokesman Ron Ishoy says that the generator allegations are the only case that was forwarded to prosecutors. "That's the only one we've looked at," says Ishoy. "We don't have another open file."

We have a call out to FDLE to see if it still has an investigation going -- though if it does, it won't be able to tell us what it's looking for.

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