State of the Union Address: Rick Scott Has an Opinion

Gov. Rick Scott would like to add himself to the endless list of people with an opinion about President Obama's State of the Union Address last night, so here we go.

Here's the short version of the governor's opinion: Businesses don't want to come to America. Except Florida. Florida's cool. And he's doing such a great job as governor.

"Companies from around the world should continue flocking here, but instead they are being deterred by a nation facing a trillion-dollar deficit and a federal government with an insatiable appetite for more debt and intrusion into the lives of its citizens," Scott says, apparently not even reacting to the president's speech at all.

In typical Scott fashion, he compares himself to the president and reminds us all of what a great job he's doing:

What we need in the White House is a leader who understands that the government's role is to create the conditions that help create private-sector jobs. We need a president who understands that the government can only give Americans the opportunity to work hard and live their version of the American dream, but government cannot do the work for them. In my first year in office as governor, we streamlined government, cut red tape, and created a business and taxpayer-friendly climate in Florida. As a result, our state's unemployment rate dropped by more than 2.1 percentage points last year, the second biggest drop of any state in the nation, and we created 141,500 private-sector jobs.

That's right, the governor apparently thinks we need a president more like, well, him.

"The steps we are taking in Florida are working," explains the governor overseeing the state with the nation's fourth-highest unemployment rate. "The time is now to elect a leader who will make the right choices in order to grow jobs and get Americans back to work."

What any of the governor's response has to do with the president's speech last night is yet to be determined.

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