State Sen. Joseph Abruzzo's Wife Posts Racy Photos of Him Amid Messy Divorce UPDATED

Update: In an email statement sent to New Times, Abruzzo says the images taken were original sent to his wife in private, and calls her putting them out in public "unfortunate."

"It’s unfortunate that my wife has chosen to take a private divorce matter into the public domain," Abruzzo says. "I have been respectful since the beginning and appreciate that a divorce is not an easy undertaking. However, I have been honest and upfront with my wife about our relationship and feel betrayed by her desire to go after my character and integrity. Her latest effort to release private images that were only shared between us reflects her intentions. I only care about maintaining stability for my son and ensuring that my wife and I can reasonably close this chapter in our lives. I only hope for my family’s sake that this private matter stays private." 

Original post:
State Senator Joseph Abruzzo has been going through a divorce in the last couple of months, but things seem to have turned ugly. 

First, Abruzzo, 34, a Democrat who reps District 25 in Palm Beach, was reportedly kicked out of his home by his soon-to-ex wife Brandy last month.

Then, as Gossip Extra reported, Abruzzo filed for full custody of their six-month-old child, saying that it would be in “the best interest of the minor.”

But things seem to have gotten even worse, with Brandy, a former Internet Model, posting private pics of what appear to be Abruzzo posing shirtless and naked in front of a mirror.

The photos, which appear to be on Brandy's Facebook page, are bathroom selfies that show Abruzzo lifting his shirt to show off his six-pack in one, and another one where he's totally in the buff.

The caption accuses Abruzzo of abusing women and having an addiction to porn.

"You can have him, ladies," Brandy's message says. "He abuses women and has a porn addiction. This is your State Senator. At least my pics are tasteful."

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