Stephanie Seymour Divorce Revenge: Nude Pics

What is the sweetest way a supermodel can stick it to her much-older soon-to-be ex spouse? Check out the steamy spread in Vanity Fair's December issue, to see how Stephanie Seymour answers that question. The 41-year-old former Victoria's Secret model and part-time Palm Beach resident sports a rock hard body in the nude pictorial, showing the world exactly what her affluent businessman husband, Peter Brant, is losing. Although she and Brant both signed an agreement barring them from speaking publicly, Seymour gets her point across -- the body speaks louder than words.

The two are embroiled in a bitter divorce battle with accusations of theft, battery, and drug abuse. Custody of the couple's three children is also up in the air, with the court ordering Seymour to undergo drug testing due to a prior addiction to Vicodin and two stints in rehab in the past nine years.

During happier times, Seymour boasted to People mag about her knight in shining armor (who is more than 20 years her senior).

"He's strong, intelligent, sensitive, and very masculine," she said in 1994 of her then fiance.

Guess there's no such thing as happy endings... but there's always sweet revenge.

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