Stephen Colbert: "I Want to Praise Rick Scott's Praise of Rick Scott" (Video)

Stephen Colbert of the Colbert Report says he's got a new favorite governor -- Rick Scott.

"Folks, I keep a close eye on America's Republican governors. They're like my children -- I always have a favorite," he said on yesterday's show. "But right now, my current favorite governor is Florida's Rick Scott, and folks, he is in trouble."

He said Scott's poll numbers would be better if he weren't so busy trying to kill Harry Potter, but he's not giving up on the governor.

Colbert says he's sending one of the prewritten letters the governor asked that people send to newspaper editors and reads the entire letter out loud.

"I'm so proud of this letter," Colbert said. "Which is why I'm giving a tip of my hat to Gov. Rick Scott -- for writing it."

He also explains that the letter is a good idea for the Tea Party.

"Now those anti-government Tea Partiers who elected Rick Scott can have the government write their letters for them," he said.

Then Colbert took a page out of the New Times playbook by presenting a solid alternative to the governor's prewritten letter.

"Well, folks, I want to praise Rick Scott's praise of Rick Scott," he said. "So I am posting a prewritten letter on colbertnation.com for you to print out, sign, and send to Florida newspapers. Don't worry, I'm not putting words in your mouth -- I have left blank spaces so you can fill in your real opinions of Gov. Scott."

Sure enough, you can print out your own prewritten letter from Colbert's website, with addresses to, ahem, a few Florida newspapers.

The segment on Rick Scott starts at around 1:45 in the video of last night's Colbert Report below:

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.