Stephen Ross' Faith in Joe Philbin Is Killing the Dolphins

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is either blind, indifferent, or nuts. One would have to be, no?

The NFL season for the Dolphins has come and gone and, exactly as we predicted, Miami finished with an 8-8 record and failure to once again enter the playoffs. And as it is with this team, the Dolphins ended their season in spectacularly dumpster-fire-like fashion, by losing to the horrible New York Jets at home while making the Jets' mediocre QB look like Joe Namath in his prime.

And yet, even with their embarrassing 37-24 shellacking at the hands of a four-win team, the Dolphins are going to enter next season exactly the same where it matters the most: at the top.

Last week, after the Dolphins won a meaningless game against the Minnesota Vikings, owner Stephen Ross announced that Head Coach Joe Philbin would be returning next year. No more evaluations were needed. No other coaches would be sought. Ross had apparently seen enough in this mediocre team to pronounce his loyalty to Philbin. And Philbin rewarded that loyalty by not only having his team lose in embarrassing fashion on Sunday but also with a full-blown locker-room circus where yet another of his players undermined his authority. Wheeeee.

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Chris Joseph
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