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Stephen Ross Is Bringing an International Soccer Tournament to Sun Life Stadium

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen "Chad Henne Is The Next Dan Marino" Ross is bringing an international soccer tournament to South Florida which is kind of like the World Cup, but not at all like it in the least.

Ross is expected to announce that South Florida will host matches for what is being called the International Champions Cup in a press conference Tuesday. Fox Soccer Channel is expected to broadcast the tournament this year until it eventually folds and becomes a network for preteens or something.

The details are sketchy, and there's no word yet on which nations will be participating (although our hunch is it'll be a mix of countries that represent the latino/Caribbean/South American communities of South Florida), but the tourney is expected to be a single-ellimination throw down featuring at least eight teams.

But when you consider that at least one team from the the top leagues in England, Spain, Germany, and Italy will be taking part in the tournament, things suddenly start looking very cool. The MLS's L.A. Galaxy will likely be taking part as well.

Politically, this kind of puts a dent into Ross' argument that Sun Life needs renovations or else no one will ever want to play a major game or tournament here ever again thus preventing people from coming and spending their money, since the International Champions Cup coming to SoFla is already a done deal.

Hell, last year the stadium drew 48,000 to a friendly soccer match that was played in a torrential rain storm.

Now this tournament.

Yet, Miami-Dade is totally gonna get fleeced up the rectum again. This time by Ross and his cronies.

Good luck with that, Miami-Dade!

Anyway, RSE Ventures, the organizer behind the tournament, is currently negotiating with international clubs to be part of the tournament.

Matches will be played on both the east and west coasts, in about seven stadiums with Sun Life being one of them.


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