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Steven Feagin, Accused of Pompano Rape, Gets 90 Years in Illinois

Former Deerfield Beach High School football standout Steven Feagin was accused in 2008 of raping a woman in Pompano Beach -- charges that he got out of when the alleged victim started accusing people specifically exonerated by DNA evidence and saying the FBI was covering something up.

That case, however, did help justice get served: DNA collected in Broward helped police nail Feagin for a sexual assault on a 22-year-old at the University of Illinois, where he was a running back on the football team. He was found guilty of the assault last month -- and yesterday was sentenced to 90 years in prison.

The jury took less than an hour to find the now-42-year-old Feagin guilty of raping a student at gunpoint in 1995; it happened in an apartment near the campus, though he had graduated a year before. The AP reports that Feagin did not make any statements other than to say "he was sorry those involved had to go through the ordeal of the case and trial." The victim, however, said she's lived her life in fear ever since.

"The kind of fear only victims know and has manifested itself in so many ways," she said. "Daily things that I wouldn't have thought much about before have and still cause me anxiety and uncertainty and worry. Every unlocked window and every unlocked door. A car driving slowly past my house at night. Walking back to my car after a shopping trip."

Feagin has also been charged in two other cold-case sexual assaults in the university area, though it's unclear how prosecution will proceed. Feagin will be eligible parole after 43 years -- at age 85.

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