Still No Arrests in Robbery of Canadian Tourists in Boynton Beach

What's with Boynton Beach suddenly becoming a hot spot for South Florida crime? Early yesterday, a couple of exhausted Canadian tourists trying to drive through the night to South Beach, pulled off on I-95 at Boynton Beach Boulevard, then parked at a closed gas station so they could switch drivers, only to notice a Chevy Impala pull in at the same time. Let's let the Boynton Police news release pick it up from there:

The women decided to wait for the car to leave before exiting their car. As they waited, (tourist Fany) Fortim saw a man armed with a handgun walk toward the driver's side of their car. The man tapped on the window and demanded their possessions. He then opened the driver's side door and put a gun against (Martine) Veillette's rib cage as he demanded their belongings. The suspect took off in the silver Chevy Impala with the victims' digital cameras, cell phones, purses and wallets.

Exactly the kind of random act of violence that will have Canadians flying directly to MIA rather than risking a drive through Palm Beach and Broward Counties, so thanks for helping yourselves at the expense of the local economy, Impala guy.

And for others who enjoy similar crimes of opportunity, be mindful that police found the car they believed belonged to the thieves, who had to flee on foot to escape. And though police spokeswoman Stephanie Slater told me this morning they haven't made an arrest in that case, they have the car, which means that the driver -- and his buddy -- will be in jail soon. Best case scenario for the thieves: They effectively traded a Chevy Impala and their peace of mind for a couple of purses, cell phones and digital cameras. And judging by the Canadian cash police found on the sidewalk, the thieves aren't keen on hitting acurrency exchange.

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Thomas Francis