Straight Outta Weston

Andrew Meyer -- the guy who was tasered at the John Kerry event in Gainesville -- gives hope to Weston. Who knew such political passion could come from anyone raised in that wealthy, separatist, plastic place? I'm not saying Meyer is a hero. He was a little too spastic to be given hero status, and he should have peacefully succumbed to the police after a few bouts of theatrics. And he was definitely trying to make the news (his website indicates to me this was an Andrew Meyer publicity stunt). The cops, though, just illustrated for us all how poorly trained and idiotic our police can be. They locked into their power trip mentality and escalated the situation. And there's just no excuse for the zapping, none at all. (Watch the video here).

No hero in this incident, but there is a goat: John Kerry. As if we needed any more proof he was never presidential material, the buffoon just sat there and let the police go after Meyer. A real leader -- especially a Democratic one who has done his own share of protests and supposedly cares about freedom of speech -- would have called off the police and had a dialogue with Meyer. But Kerry is an effete prick who sat there like a dumb animal watching his talk turn into an ugly training seminar on how not to handle civil disobedience.

The question Kerry was answering when Meyer was zapped regarded why he didn't challenge the Ohio vote after the presidential election. Which leads me to the point: America got it right in 2004. In its wisdom, it put George W. Bush back in office to reap what he'd sown and lay in the bed he'd made and (add your favorite cliche here). The people refused to vote into office a guy like Kerry, who was totally out of touch not only with the country, but himself. Unfortunately the world is having to suffer another four years of an incompetent war criminal leading the free world because of it. So goes it.

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Bob Norman
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