Strax Rejuvenation Now Offering Surgery to People With Bad Credit

First came the ads touting plastic surgery financing for anyone with a checking account. Now they're targeting patients with bad credit. If the owners of Strax Rejuvenation and Aesthetics Institute are trying to compete with used-car salesmen, they're doing an excellent job.

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"Strax Rejuvenation has teamed in an exclusive relationship with a finance company to provide credit to patients with FICO scores as low as 515," says the office's latest news release. "Patients who never thought they would qualify are now having their procedures and making low monthly payments."

Strax, a popular nip-and-tuck office in Lauderhill, contracts with a rotating roster of doctors who have performed 30,000 surgeries in the past seven years, according to Strax's owners. Four people have died after undergoing procedures there.

The office prides itself on making plastic surgery affordable to people who otherwise would not be able to spare $3,500 for a boob job. This latest credit offer makes it clear Strax is targeting clients who perhaps could not afford a new car or a house but are determined to alter their appearance.

"This liberalizes financing and opens possibilities where none existed," the news release says.

Yes, it certainly does.

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