Strax Rejuvenation Responds to New Times Cover Story

Strax Rejuvenation and Aesthetics Institute, the high-volume plastic surgery office in Lauderhill that was the subject of last week's New Times cover story, does not take criticism lightly. In a blog posted on the company's website today, Strax officials insist that their discount prices do not translate into a lower standard of care. The blog's headline echoes, almost verbatim, the headline on the New Times story: "Most Popular Plastic Surgery Center Answers Questions About the Safety of Less Expensive Cheaper Nips and Tucks."

"Does reducing the cost of a plastic surgery procedure imply that you will not receive the same care? Absolutely not!" the blog says. 

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It goes on to quote one of Strax's owners, Al Auer. "We have made plastic surgery available to a much larger demographic, it is not just for the wealthy anymore," he says. "We can offer better pricing than the smaller centers and/or single doctor offices without sacrificing quality."

The company's blog does not mention the Strax doctors who have been disciplined by the Florida Department of Health, or the four patients who have died after operations at Strax in the past three years.

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