Street Sign Holders In South Florida, Who's Your Favorite?

South Florida, with its delightful blend of warm weather and economic woe, has sprouted a new class of underpaid, overworked laborer. Drive up and down Federal Highway or in any direction off the interstate and you'll see them: Sign holders. They're also called sign waivers, sign walkers, or, in more corporate parlance, "human directionals."

Here at The Juice, we want to give a few of these hard-working Americans a little more attention. So we want to know, who is your favorite? Is there someone dressed as a hot dog who always makes you smile? Is there a person in a mattress costume or dressed as a giant bumble bee who's always there with a wave on your drive home?

Where does this person stand/dance? What kind of sign does he/she hold? Tell us here, in the comment section, or email us

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