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Strip Club Suing to Make Octomom Keep Her Clothes On

There's been a lot of drama -- too much, really -- surrounding Nadya "Octomom" Suleman's alleged contracts to strip at South Florida gentlemen's clubs -- first she was going to do a five-night engagement at T's Lounge Palm Beach, then she got mad and changed her mind, and then, according to Gossip Extra, she signed up to do a show at the Playhouse South, a Hallandale Beach strip club.

These things are silly, but not particularly weird for an unemployed mother of 14 who "stars" in strange porn flicks. Don't worry, though -- it just got weirder.

Claiming Octomom breached their contract, T's Lounge has filed a request for an injunction: They're suing to make Octomom not get naked.

The problem isn't just that ol' Octo is refusing to honor the contract she signed saying she'd strip at T's, according to documents obtained by Gossip Extra -- it's that part of that contract also stipulated that she wasn't allowed to strip anywhere else in 50 miles of T's within 90 days of the gig; her scheduled appearance at the Playhouse violates that.

The court filing says Suleman's scheduling of a gig so close to T's Lounge "shall cause Plaintiff irreparable harm" because they were marketing the gig as her "first feature dance appearance":

As there can only be one "1st Feature Dance Appearance", it would be impractical, if not impossible, to establish the damages to Plaintiff... especially due to the fact that Defendant is adding insult to injury by electing to not only breach her Agreement with Plaintiff, but also by selecting another gentlemen's club in such close proximity...

The only way to preserve the status quo is for this Court to enter a temporary injunction to prohibit Defendant from appearing at any gentlemen's club until this dispute is resolved.
Check out Gossip Extra's coverage for more, and for the contract (which includes a signature line for "Natalie Suleman 'AKA' Octomom").

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