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Stuck in Bushes, Boynton Man Asks Girl's Uncle for Help Trying to Run Her Over

Here's something 35-year-old Robert Craige learned today: If you're trying to run over an 18-year-old woman with your SUV but get stuck in the bushes, as cops say he did, bribing the teenager's uncle into helping you escape probably won't work.

According to documents obtained by New Times, the woman was walking on the sidewalk near the 2200 block of South Federal Highway Sunday night when Craige started yelling at her to "come here."

Since her parents most likely told her as a kid not to talk to lunatics strangers, the teen attempted to walk away -- until police say Craige started chasing her.

The woman hid at a nearby church while Craige opted to continue his pursuit in his Isuzu Rodeo. Cops say Craige came to a stop at the church and let the teen know that her options were "come here or I'm going to fucking kill you."

That's when Craige allegedly gunned his car at the woman before getting stuck in three-foot-high bushes at the church. The woman ran away and phoned her uncle, who responded to the scene and approached Craige.

Craige wouldn't tell the man why he was chasing his niece, but he did offer him $20 to help get his SUV out of the bushes, police say. The woman's uncle declined the offer, and Craige ran away after he couldn't get his vehicle unmounted from the bushes.

When Boynton Beach police responded to the church to file a report, Craige decided to make a reappearance at the scene and was arrested. Cops say Craige faces charges of aggravated assault and criminal mischief -- while the church pastor is willing to prosecute for the $400 worth of damage to his bushes.

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