Sue Gunzburger Throws Down Gauntlet: "What Are You Waiting for Sheriff Lamberti?"

Broward County Commissioner Sue Gunzburger is taking the fight to Broward Sheriff's Office. A day after a press conference in which she accused Sheriff Al Lamberti of a political motive in launching a corruption investigation against her, Gunzburger is daring the sheriff to question her. A note from her campaign:

At my press conference on Thursday, I stated very clearly that I was ready and willing -- on my own, without any attorney, and without any request for immunity -- to fully answer any and all questions from BSO Commander Al LaManna (or his boss Sheriff Al Lamberti) regarding this trumped-up political witch hunt directly instigated by my opponent Steve Geller.

Well, I waited and waited for a call on Thursday in response to my invitation and ... nothing happened.

No call. What are you waiting for, Sheriff Lamberti?

Friday is DAY TWO since I made my offer to BSO. Will BSO call me today?

Sheriff Lamberti: You are a career law enforcement officer with a solid record. You still have time to do the right and honorable thing today. Pull the plug now on this highly unethical political "investigation" and make a truthful public statement about what really prompted this Geller-orchestrated witch hunt. Justice demands no less.



This is gettin' good! Ball's in your court now, Lamberti. Whatcha got?

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