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Sun-Sentinel Cracking Down On Calls

Memo below was sent by management (something rather chillingly termed the "SS Administration") to Sun-Sentinel employees yesterday about a new "authorization codes" they will get to make long distance calls. Also, the employees will have different "levels of access," giving them all the more reason to climb that corporate ladder. It's all part of the Tribune Co. newspaper's "Transformative Change," apparently cames as a suggestion during a meeting, and is expected to save $100,000 a year.

I just want to know who the employee was who said, "Hey, I know, why not make it harder for us to make phone calls!"

From: SS Administration Sent: Wed 8/15/2007 8:44 AM To: zzSSC.1Exchange.Users Subject: Long distance calls to require authorization codes

Long distance calls to require authorization codes

Sun-Sentinel Company is implementing the use of authorization codes in order for employees to place long distance calls. Employee feedback during transformative change meetings about ways to save the company money led to the implementation of the process. It is expected to save the company approximately $100,000 annually.

Division directors will provide a level of long distance authorization for each employee in their divisions. Over the next several weeks, employees will receive an e-mail advising them of the personal code they will need to use to make long distance calls and their level of access.

The rollout will take place on a staggered schedule company wide. If you have any questions, and/or need any additional information after you receive your level of access, please contact your manager.

When authorization codes are required to place long distance calls, the caller hears a special dial tone and must then enter their valid code when placing the call. Phones in conference rooms will be restricted and will require employees to use their authorization code.

Employees who experience any technical issues or have questions should contact the Technology Service Desk at 954-356-4357.

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