Sun-Sentinel Hell Week Begins

Word was that the layoffs at the Sun-Sentinel -- 30 are expected in the newsroom -- were going to begin on Tuesday. But I've been told by several sources that they have already begun.

A source tells me that venerable photographer Lou Toman will have his last day on Friday; don't know if he volunteered for his separation or not but hear that he doesn't want a going-away party. Toman is a legend, plain and simple, and should be honored whether he likes it or not.

Also, Book Editor Chauncey Mabe has posted cryptically on his Facebook page that he is leaving the paper. This is sort of like losing the power windows on your car -- he adds something really nice to the newspaper, a touch of class that made it a newspaper rather than news blotter. He's a good softball pitcher too.

I would love to write more about these two -- both deserve full posts of their own -- but I must go to a meeting. All I can say is, these are rotten days.

[And we have a new Lee Abrams think piece. Among his nuggets of wisdom is that people have to remain positive. ...    ...  ... OK, I just had my scream and am OK now. Does this guy have any clue what is happening this week? Here's a piece of his piece:

POSITIVE PEOPLE: I recall walking into a radio station and you could tell it was a loser by the tone of the receptionist. Bad vibes permeated the place. Bad vibes USUALLY start from negative attitudes that spread. In fact, Bad vibes ALWAYS start from "people". Keep the negative types out of the joint and it can't spread. Positive doesn't mean unrealistic -to me it means more of an outlook and attitude. Got a challenge/problem/issue? A positive will figure out how to adapt, deal with it and move forward, a negative will get into this "This place blows...screw it".... They might hide it--but even THINKING it gets no-one anywhere. I think a lot of negativity is created by people not feeling appreciated, so some who are outwardly negative may actually be very positive--if they are interacted with better....understood...and allowed to shine. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. If ya can't respect EVERYONE you work with---there's a problem there.]  

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Bob Norman
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