Sun-Sentinel: No More Softball For You!

The latest Tribune Co. cut at the Sun-Sentinel may be the most depressing of all: The company has killed the newspaper's softball league.

The news came out yesterday about the cost-saving move and this one hurts me personally since I've been playing in the league for several years (thanks to my lovely reporter wife). And I was set to have a killer season, too. I just know it.

The good news is that employees are trying to save the league by ponying up the money themselves. I'll pay my share, but I want to appeal to the big guy himself, Bob Gremillion, the former Sentinel publisher who is now Tribune's grand poobah for the high eastern properties (okay, technically, he's executive VP over publishing). Gremillion was on one of the first teams I played on and he's one of the most gracious fellows you could ever meet.

Save the softball, Bob!

Seriously, the financial picture at the Tribune and other newspaper is dire, so I'm not going to prattle on about how this is about screwing the little guy or a sign of corporate greed. The truth is that it's probably going to save some jobs -- and losing jobs makes losing softball seem like nothing at all. But that doesn't change the fact that it really, really sucks.

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