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Sun Sentinel Photographer Gives Birth In Parking Lot

Amy Beth Bennett, a photographer for the Sun-Sentinel , and Joe Cavaretta, gave birth to their second child over the weekend at Boca Raton Regional Hospital.

But Bennett never made it inside the hospital, because baby Sienna Grace wasn't going to wait.

So she was born in the parking lot.

The baby's birth was caught in a series of photographs that show mom having her in the hospital parking lot. The photos, and their story, have gone viral on the internet and have been featured on CNN and the Today Show.

Baby photographer, Emily Robinson, was hired by the couple to travel with them to the hospital and document the birth for family photos.

Little did they know it would become something of an adventure.

The photographs show images of Bennett leaning up against a post outside the hospital, holding her hands over her hand. Another captures the midwife helping her deliver the baby as she braces herself up on a wheelchair.

At first, Bennett didn't want the photos shown to the public. But once she saw them, she changed her mind.

"They were just beautiful," said Bennett. "[As a photojournalist] how can I ask people to invite me into their lives and share their intimate moments with me, with our readers, and then turn around and say I'm not willing to do the same."

The photos can be viewed over at the Sun-Sentinel.

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