Sun-Sentinel Progress?

I've been hearing from a few people who say the Sun-Sentinel has started actually cleansing their site of hate-scrawl. One Pulp reader just e-mailed: "I think there is some heavy censorship now going on with the Sentinel's boards. I have been completely censored at least three separate times already--that is, my posts have been eradicated. I also read some postings that complained of the same thing. Your blog just might be the most powerful weapon existing in South Florida."

It was probably more this column that made any difference, but frankly I haven't seen any change. To test it, I went to the site just now and popped on Gregory Lewis's story about rain at the MLK parade. Here's a few of the comments I found:

-- "i was hoping it got rained out! because all us white people are working" -- "At least they got their yearly bath" -- "how do you starve a n&gger? Hide his foodstamps in his workboots!" -- "I am Still working hard to give MY people a day off from work TOO!" (signed "James Earl Ray")

Yes, I should be proud for the changes I've brought. So should the Sun-Sentinel.

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