Sun-Sentinel Reporters Cut Off At Courthouse

Things are tough all over at the Sun-Sentinel. Fresh off the Pulp transom (dailypulp@yahoo.com) is an email sent from the Palm Beach County Clerk of Courts to Sun-Sentinel reporters. Apparently the bankrupt Tribune Co. hasn't been paying for court records, so the clerk had enough. Until the bills are paid, reporters will have to pay for records on the spot.

This isn't the first time we've seen delinquency on the part of the newspaper either (remember the Sentinel's stiffing of Fort Lauderdale and the water outage at the Tamarac bureau?). I spoke with Clerk of Court spokeswoman Julie Rosborough, who confirmed the news and is now digging up the exact amount of money owed by Tribune for the court records. Here's her email:  


Hi all,

Just a heads up about something that may impact you the next time you request a court record from the Clerk's office (either in person or by email).  Unfortunately, until further notice, Sun Sentinel reporters will need to pay for court records when they receive them.  The practice of billing your company at a later date is being suspended due to outstanding invoices with Tribune Media.  We know the suspension of the Sentinel's copy charge account makes your job  more difficult, so we sincerely hope to we able to resume the convenience someday in the near future.

Julie Rosborough
Media Relations/External Communications Specialist - Communications Management

Clerk & Comptroller Palm Beach County
301 N. Olive Ave., 9th Floor
West Palm Beach, FL  33401

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