Sun-Sentinel Site Evolves to Brazilian-Bashing

If there's hate to be had, leave it to the commenters on the Sun-Sentinel website to find it. Case in point, the story about a Deerfield man who was murdered last night. Here's the first message on the board, from someone calling themselves Carlton Moore (the black Fort Lauderdale commissioner whom I write about in the post below):

"Just some of us schfartzas having some good summer recreation."

Okay, that's just goood old fashioned racism, which fills the boards on a weekly basis. But then the worm turned on another group: The dreaded Brazilians, who have indeed been flocking into the northern Broward beach town.

"Please tell me it was a Brazilian that got shot by another Brazilian...they are so selfish and rude. Hopefully, instead of us deporting them back to Brazil, they'll just kill each other off."

That was followed by:

"OMG. they ARE RUDE!!!!!!!! and those rubber flip flops they wear with the tiny brazilian flag on them. YUK. maybe i'll move to brazil and wear american

flag shoes there. how weird they are."


"Couldnt agree MORE!!! They only think about themselves. Like the loud **** neighbor who has no job and lives off goverment money. Opens her car door and slams into mine. Playes brazilian music at 2:30am when EVERYONE is sleeping. Expects everyone to carry their weight..

Kill all brazilians.

Oh and if you think you know who I am, come to my house. I've got more ammo then most cops, and I can take out a whole city block of brazilians if they screw with my house.

They are worse then Hatians, Cubans and **** all put together. I would rather have a black president then live next to another brazilian."

The murder had nothing to do with Brazilians, but that's not what concerned one "joebagadonuts":

"and the body odor,on these people,terrible."

Then Todd wrote what most of us feel:

"I don't know whether to be afraid of the thugs who committed this crime or the people on this board...."

How can you not love South Florida?

(A link to the S-S board in question).

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