Sun-Sentinel's Failed Palm Beach Surge?

Ellen Dalton informs the Pulp that the Sentinel has killed its "North Palm" edition. Damn, they tried though. Talk about pissing money into the wind. Let Dalton do the talking:

So the Sun-Sentinel has quietly done away with its "Palm North" zoned edition, thus ending a weak foray into the Palm Beach Post's backyard.

The important thing to understand is that all the reporters covering the northern part of the county remain in place (though it's a horrible mismatch against the hometown Post) and that they're still covering news up there. What's gone away is the S-S's "cosmetic zoning" -- moving stories around the B-section between its Palm North and Palm South editions in order to create the illusion that they were "covering" more news up north. Another victime of the pre-Sammy Zell cost-cutting, it would seem. (Gotta pay down that bilion-dollar debt, ya know.)

After all their furious marketing and claims that they want to want to "own" Wellington, I bet they don't sell more than 500 paper there and that the Post still OWNS Wellington.

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