Sunday Sports/Comment Cleaner

Well, we're past a highly politicized and polarizing week in Broward County and on the Pulp.

There's probably going to be a lot of that in the next two years. Today, though, I'm going to watch the football game and see how the dancing Chad does against the Titans. Yeah, Pennington is goofy in this video -- damned goofy -- but if he can bring some fresh life into this offense, then let him dance.

As for the Heat, I hate to say this, but Pat Riley has to walk out of the stands and get on the bench. Now. The man's got to coach this team. Look, Spoelstra's a fine fellow, but he can't align these stars. It's painfully obvious he's out of his depth. Most mere basketball coaches would be. Greatness needs greatness. The legends playing on this team deserve a legend coaching them. Riley handled Magic and Kareem; he can figure out LeBron and Wade. I've criticized Riles before; he's had some bad years, and the Stan Van Gundy thing wasn't pretty. But this job was made for him, and he's got to step and do it. Time's a wasting.


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