SunPass Thwarted by High-Tech Windshields, Leaving Drivers With Thousands in Fines

​SunPass may want to rework its slogan from "the less stressway" to "just add to my stressway," as more Floridians find themselves with thousands of dollars in fines, a suspended license and registration -- even behind bars -- due to unpaid toll violation tickets.

Have a few unpaid SunPass tickets under your belt? Then you already know the drill -- but what you may not know is that your car could be to


Turns out Florida's electronic SunPass toll program -- originally designed to save drivers time and money -- might be doing the exact opposite thanks to some "problem windshields." 

According to SunPass, windshields containing metal oxide can prevent its transponder from being read. Because no reading equals no payment, that means fines and -- if left for unpaid for too long -- possible criminal charges.

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