Sunrise Man Poses as Flirty Woman to Rob Other Men

Lonely men looking for love went and found some at a social site called There they met up and chatted with a flirty, attractive woman with shoulder-length hair who complimented them, seduced them, and eventually invited them over to her place at the Boardwalk Apartments in the 2900 block of NW 60th Ave.

Only once they got to her place, they discovered that she was a he. Also, he robbed them at gunpoint.

LOL Catfish'd!

Police say 19-year-old Glenford Williams posed as a woman named "Diana" on the website and used the profile pics of a hot lady to lure men over to his place where, instead of having an amorous evening with a girl, they got a rifle shoved in their face and their cash taken.

One Dania Beach man was lured over on July 4. He had exchanged text messages with "Diana" to meet her at her apartment. When he called her phone, he even got a voice message from a woman calling herself Diana. But when he got to the apartment complex, Williams showed up wearing a gray-hooded shirt and a black ski mask and pointing a rifle at the man.

The man described his feelings at the time as "appalled, flabbergasted." But he saw Williams meant business when he cocked the lever on the rifle.

Williams allegedly robbed the man of $150.

Another Lauderhill man also met "Diana" online and agreed to meet her at her place for some drinks.

But just like the other victim, instead of meeting the beautiful tanned woman whom he chatted with online, he was met by Williams and his rifle.

"When he came up behind me, he said, 'Don't move,'" the victim said. "When he said that, I kind of looked back a little bit. He had a mask on, [I] saw the gun. He had it pointed toward my back. I would never imagine this would have happened."

But apparently, "Diana" lured one dude too many. And it probably wasn't the wisest choice to keep planning the fake rendezvous at the same place. The jig was up for "Diana" and Williams.

He was arrested on Tuesday on armed robbery charges and remains in jail.

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