Sunrise's Salerno Shunted By Sarasota

Sunrise City Manager Patrick Salerno was passed over today in his attempt to become the city manager of Sarasota. Among his competitors was Susan Stanton, who was recently fired from Largo after changing her sex. At the time, she was known as Steve Stanton.

The question: Why is Salerno trying to flee Sunrise? The Sarasota job, had he landed it, would have cost him at least $30,000 a year in salary, according to a little profile in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. Why does he man want to escape?

Another question: Why hasn't his bid to bolt been covered in the local newspapers? The man is one of the most veteran and better-respected city managers in Broward County, even if he does tend "to work too much and prefers to be behind the scenes," as the Herald-Tribune put it. Seems like something that should have been in the papers rather than leaving it for the Pulp to break.

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